Richard Price OBE QC

Mediator - Head of Group

Call: 1969  Silk: 1996

“Excellent. Extremely constructive in reaching a settlement.”

“Very professional. Handled what was a very difficult dispute with numerous parties very well.”


“Very measured and assured. Good tone and pitch”

“Excellent. I was very impressed with Richard Price Q.C.”

“First class.”

“Richard Price QC was obviously well prepared, and had taken in the detail of the papers.”

“Good settlement achieved. Good manner. Pursued the right issues.”

“I was impressed with Richard Price QC’s handling of the mediation, in particular the parties involved…The successful resolution was very much brought about by the mediator.”

“Very good. Excellent style and very user-friendly.”

“Very good. I did not have huge hopes of a settlement being achieved before we started, yet Mr Price managed to get the parties to reach one.”

“Very efficient and professional. Friendly though firm.”

“I should like to express my appreciation for your considerable expertise and effective management skills employed during the mediation.”

“Excellent; calm, assured and authoritative; a very pleasant manner”