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Simon possesses a wealth of international experience in Banking, Commercial and regulatory Law. During the early stages of his career Simon exchanged his work at the bar for a career in Banking and Finance Law with a renowned banking group where he undertook work in respect of leasing, finance structuring and debt factoring, he specialised in trade finance responsible for financial instruments and contractual liabilities within these. Much of Simon’s work involved bills of exchange in their metamorphosed form as avalised commercial paper.

Simon returned to practice at the Bar and advised in lex loci contractus on French and English contracts of insurance, as well as in wills, tax and estate work.

Simon advises clients UK and internationally.

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Simon was the first International Compliance Officer at an internationally renowned bank, where he set up internal compliance regulations which applied to globally to the bank. In this capacity, he had to ensure that the entire operational arm of the bank did not offend the rules on insider trading and local laws. He was responsible for ensuring no breaches of requirements imposed by the UK.

Simon has substantial experience of dealing with issues involving the global equities markets and the stock exchanges. Simon has an in-depth understanding of complex financial instruments and derivatives. His experience extends to liabilities which become engaged in stock-lending contracts. These transactions involved examination of UK domestic law as well its impact on United States federal and state law.

Regulatory, Professional Discipline & Business Crime

Simon’s experience in international financial regulation and law has taken him to various jurisdictions around the world, he is fluent in French and a working knowledge of Spanish and German, additionally, he has lectured and spoken in seminars in a variety of fora in the UK, France and USA, which relate to his experience of the Law of Finance from EU funds regulation and the Euro.

Simon played a critical role in setting up a team to take investment regulation through public consultation, he was then in charge of providing comprehensive guidance to investment management funds on matters of compliance.

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