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Addressing Modern Slavery

Modern slavery is a growing problem across the world. Inextricably linked with organised crime groups, it covers a far wider range of social problems in the UK and elsewhere than is often appreciated, including county lines drugs, gun and knife crime, gangs and child sexual exploitation.

We have a small group of specialist barristers who have been working relentlessly in this field for many years. Following growing concern world- wide, we established our own working party with the aim of ensuring that the work we do gets to the heart of problems by way of targeted interventions designed to disrupt and prevent these activities, as opposed to the more traditional reactive approaches.

Our innovative work with police, local authorities and other partner agencies has successfully disrupted organised crime groups in a variety of different situations, making use of civil and criminal remedies to achieve bespoke solutions and help create the space for successful criminal interventions.

Our working party has successfully mapped the law to help demonstrate what is available and what works across the full range of civil and criminal remedies. We are developing a simple to use toolkit to illustrate at a glance the possible approaches available to you.

Here at 4-5 we are leaning into the debate; we actively encourage and indeed welcome ongoing discussion regarding this area of our work and firmly believe that together we can make a real difference to communities and individuals.


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