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A question of identity - voter identification

Rupert Beloff, barrister, at 4-5 Gray's Inn Square has written an article for the Spring edition of the Association of Electoral Administrators magazine.

This article is intended to serve as an update on the new voter identification rules that have been introduced as a result of the voter identity requirements provisions contained in the Elections Act 2022. Save to note that, prior to its enactment, the proposed legislation attracted considerable debate as to whether the historic level of electoral fraud, and in particular personation, within the United Kingdom justified the introduction of these requirements the author does not intend to cover the arguments for or against them.

The article will primarily cover the rules as they relate to:
(i) The production of identification documents and issuing of ballot papers on polling day; and
(ii) Applications for electoral identification documents.

'A question of identity - voter identification' - read the full article here.

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