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Jane Lambert Speaks with Kluwer Patent Blog

European Union, Unitary Patent, United Kingdom, UPC

‘A Brexit will not necessarily delay the start of the Unitary Patent system’

Hopefully the United Kingdon won’t jeopardize the Unitary Patent project with a vote to withdraw the European Union, says Jane Lambert, barrister from 4-5 Gray’s Inn Square in London. ‘However, it could still continue without us’, Lambert told Kluwer IP Law in an interview.

Lambert, who recently published a series of articles on the new Unitary Patent system, feels it will be an enormous improvement for British IP intensive companies. ‘A Brexit would be a problem for us but not for the remaining states’, she said. ‘If Germany and two other member states hurry up and ratify the UPC Agreement, the court and the Unitary Patent could be up and running before the UK could leave the EU…

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