Our International Arbitration Group comprises barristers and affiliated lawyers from around the world. Among our number are some of the foremost practitioners in the field.  The Group's members have participated, both as counsel and as arbitrators, in commercial arbitrations under the rules of every major arbitral institution, as well as in ad hoc (non-institutional) and investment treaty claims, and before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Practitioners from 4-5 have acted, as counsel or arbitrator, in some of the most consequential disputes in the field.  These include: the $15 billion arbitration involving the State of Sabah in Malaysia (to date the largest unconsolidated arbitral award of all time)

On the commercial side, 4-5 practitioners have acted for claimants and respondents at every stage, and in every posture, of disputes, from advice drafting arbitration clauses to bringing or defending challenges or enforcement proceedings in connection with arbitral awards. Our investment treaty arbitration experience is similarly extensive; our members act for both investors and host states. Members with experience as neutrals likewise have been appointed, and served as Chair, in virtually every variety of international dispute.

Our collective arbitration experience, unsurprisingly, covers many sectors: oil and gas, non-petroleum extractive industries, renewables, agriculture, intellectual property, financial services, insurance and reinsurance, shipping, corporate transactions, construction projects, and e-commerce.

Our depth of expertise and our flexible, attractive fee structure enable us to supply our clients' legal needs effectively, efficiently, and affordably.

Our International Arbitration podcast, Forethoughts@4-5 is available here